Custom Rotational Molding

Quality Holdings can execute high volume custom rotational molding, including mold-in graphics and custom colors and textures.

Being the best requires a precise balance of science and art. We bring both to every customer, everyday. Our research and engineering techniques are based on time-tested materials science and fortified with the industry’s newest innovations. Decades of experience has provided expertise and intuition that guides our work.

As the largest rotational molding facility in the southeastern United States, Quality Holdings is known for high-volume manufacturing capacity executed faster than any other supplier. Our convenient location on a rail spur allows for cost-efficient delivery of materials to our plant and manufactured products to our clients.

Great ideas can’t wait. We offer you speed to market and capacity to scale quickly so you meet critical demand requirements and service expectations.


Compression Molding

Successful bids require exacting standards, distinctive products and competitive pricing. We’ve designed our compression molding operation to provide the best positioning and probability of winning new business.

Our material standards are the industry’s highest and our compression molds guarantee precision—consistently and reliably. We bring a world-class team of engineering, program management and production to every opportunity—one point of contact, one point of accountability.

Quality Holdings uses SMC (sheet mold compound) or BMC (bulk molding compound) to produce polyester fiberglass parts. Parts made from this process have high electrical and strength properties while allowing molding to close tolerances. They are also noted for dimensional stability and accuracy, corrosion and stain resistance, and have a low cost per cubic inch. Our presses range from 100 through 270 tons. We supply insulators and brackets to the following transportation authorities: LIRR, NYCTA, MBTA, CTA, PATH, MARTA ,SEPTA, BART, among others.

Fabricated and Retail Bins

It’s in the detail for Retail.

A carefully crafted retail atmosphere should have the right finishing touches. Our custom-made retail bins fulfill both form and function and are made to fit the space. Bin color can be customized to match cabinetry (minimum quantity applies).

Our bins' signature diamond embossed finish, gleaming molding trim and hand rivets make custom-sized bins a beautiful accessory. Bins can be designed to fit narrow or large spaces, made to taper or into a rectangular shape. Design is dictated by space and style.

Quality Holdings retail bins are the perfect accent to brand messaging.

Manufacturing Perfection

An efficient production line has the right tools to finish the job. Our bins can be custom created to fit any line. Size, shape, handle location and hopper fronts are customizable. We can add any type of caster or finish bins in any color (with minimum buy).

Our fabricated bins are quality made, created to meet customer needs and made from HDPE sheet plastic with riveted sides. Attractive silver trim can be lite gauge to a heavier gauge depending on bins end use.

Our bins are designed for specific demands, extremely functional and efficient—winning attributes to complement production efficiency.

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