Attwood was founded in 1893 and for more than 100 years, has been an award-winning leader in design, development, testing, and manufacturing of the highest quality boat parts and accessories for the marine industry.

Attwood deeply comprehends that many items they offer to the market can affect the safety and reliability of a boat and its occupants, so those are core values the company revolves around, along with its long history of providing durable products.

Attwood’s core values were not being met by a previous suppler.


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Business Situation:

They were in search of a manufacturer that would provide clear communication, met lead times, provided team work, hard work and produced quality manufactured items.

Attwood wanted a manufacturer that would be an extension of their values and the high quality/safety demands for their product line.

Quality Holdings listened closely to their challenges, set up a production schedule that was understandable to Attwood while realistically utilizing our machines and their tooling capacity.


We invited Attwood into our facility to showcase our attention to detail and quality inspections.

We established clear communication to grasp their product cycle while explaining realistic lead times on how fast parts could be created with the amount of tooling provided. This way Attwood could better grasp when orders needed to be entered. We worked as a team solving the challenge of product cycle and order entry.

Quality Holdings listens to its customers - delivers as promised and quality of parts is a shared core value without exception.

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Eagle Manufacturing

Eagle Manufacturing Company, is a family owned business established in 1894, and a prime manufacturer of Safety Cabinets, Secondary Spill Containment Products, and Poly Drums along with other material handling items. Over 120 years in business, Eagle Manufacturing Company continues the proud tradition of providing innovative, quality products and services to its customers.

Business Problem:

Eagle was growing fast and needed a needle in the haystack. They were searching for a manufacturer in the south that had a huge warehouse space for storage and drop shipping, large rotational molder machines that could handle the large in size product line and enough machine time available to handle their volume needs. Quality Holding was just starting to focus on our (at that time) small rotational molder department. We had the huge space, but not the machines or drop shipping knowledge.

We were aware of Eagle’s impeccable quality reputation and as a firmly established business, so we invested in the multi-million dollar machinery needed. To ensure Eagle would get their quality they expected, we sent our employees to class to gain more knowledge on the new equipment investment.


Quality did not have prior drop shipping knowledge, so we developed a system together that continues to work well for our partnership.

Quality Holdings to this day has never been hesitant to make smart investments to better assist our customers.

If we are not knowledgeable in a new area, we invest both in our employees and in advanced equipment to get us where we need to be. We are a sizeable plant, but to this day have many acres of land to expand to. Quality Holdings is not afraid of a challenge and we tackle it full force.

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