Bushel Trucks

Quality Holding’s Bushel trucks–a job-site’s workhorse–are top quality and half the price of competitor brands. They are leakproof and handle messy projects with ease. Our bushel trucks have premium casters for easy maneuverability; a leak-proof drain hole can be added upon request.

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Laundry Carts

Quality Holdings manufactures the industry’s most reliable and affordable laundry carts. Leaders in the hospitality and healthcare industries choose Quality Holding’s laundry carts for their design, construction, durability and maneuverability in and out of elevators. Our laundry carts are easily locked with a secure and durable lid.

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Leg Tanks

You will find countless ways to put Quality Holding's Leg Tanks to work. The Leg Tanks are sturdy and durable, allowing you to hold virtually any liquid over any terrain. Made right here in the USA, our Leg Tanks come in three sizes: 130 gl. 225 g. 335gl. and 535gl. You can load it in the back of a pickup truck or mount it on a stand near your job site - Perfect! Our high-grade materials comply with federal food safety guidelines, so you can even hold potable water.

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Totes and Bins

Custom designed for perfect fit and function, our retail totes and bins create an impeccable presentation at the purchasing counter and in the backroom. Utilized by Tier I retailers for storing hangers and security tags, our custom totes and bins are made in the USA from FDA-certified materials and boast premium, floor-safe casters. Available in black or white, they are built for durability and value-priced.

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